Tutti Choral Series

FEMME: A Hope for Resolution

October 27, 2019 - 2:00PM

St. Mary of the Angels, 17 Boulcott St, Wellington

Our final concert of this season will feature only women's voices. We have expanded the women to 20 voices for this concert and will be having our first mentoring project: "Waiata tahi", which means "Singing together". Chilton, Samuel Marsden, Queen Margaret, Tawa, and Kapiti Colleges are each providing four young ladies and they will all have a mentor from Inspirare. There will be time spent getting to know one another, and they will sit together in rehearsals and perform together in the concert. This is the first of its kind for Inspirare and we look forward to watching these youth grow from this tremendous opportunity.

The repertoire will be lyrical, energetic, dynamic, and quite varied as we feature some of the best music for women's voices. One of the highlights from this concert will be "Songs for Women's Voices", a set of six songs written by women, for women, about being women. The other highlight will be "Sing Creations, Music On", the piece that will be sung only by the 20 college girls.